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Two ways to measure

There are two ways to give us your measurements. You can either provide the opening size and we will make the necessary deductions, or you can provide us the exact measurements you would like your screen door made to.


3 separate measurements at different points


3 separate measurements at different points




The gap size underneath the door
(Standard = 5mm)

Active Door

What does 'Active Door' mean?

The 'Active Door' is the door that is used regularly and will have the handle installed. The 'Inactive Door' will contain the drop bolts to keep it locked when not in use.

Lock Height

From bottom of opening to center of handle

From bottom of door to center of handle

Lock Type

What's the difference?

A Single Lock means that the door is only locked where the handle is, whereas a Triple Lock is able to lock in 3 places, at the top, bottom and the handle.